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Art Auction 2022 – The Chagford Sanctuary, Chagford Church

I am pleased to contribute a piece of abstract art “Elucidate” to this event in Chagford. It is in aid of the Chagford Sanctuary, a community project launched in Spring 2022 to assist those displaced from Ukraine find a temporary home in our local area. I hope that this piece can raise valuable funding and contribute to a successful evening showcasing local art.


Moor Otters 2021 – Dartmoor National Park

I was delighted to be involved with the 2021 Moor Otters project. The process involved submitting my otter design for panel review which was selected to be brought to life for visitors to Dartmoor to see during the summer of 2021. Their design pays homage to the mining industry on Dartmoor; the parent otter in bronze to represent copper and the cub in silver to represent tin. The cogs represent the inner machinery/pumps enabling the wheals work. The parent and cub together represent the families that mining supported over generations. A modern twist is that the cogs could look like tattoos which are rising in popularity today, a heritage theme in a modern medium.

After collecting my blank otter at a lovely launch at Bovey Castle (back in 2019) and after a bit of a delay, Wheal Otters were finally ready for the world to see at their host location in Widecombe-in-the-Moor starting May 2021. After a few weeks on display, Wheal Otters was adopted ahead of auction, meaning their forever home was secured after the summer and that Dartmoor National Park raised much needed funding from their adoption.


No.5 Painting Goes to Blenheim Palace, 2015!

To start 2015 I am very proud that my painting, No.5 has been selected as one of ten art works, shown and then auctioned at a Charity Gala Event held at Blenheim Palace, for the Doctors without Borders, Ebola appeal.


Specially Recognised in the LST's Annual SeaScapes Competition

I am delighted that Roz's Rib was selected from hundreds of international entries to be specially recognised as an outstanding piece of artwork in the Light Space and Time Galleries annual "SeaScapes" competition, 2014.


The Parallax Art Fair - London 2014

Selected works of mine were chosen to be shown at the Parallax AF, organised by Barlow Fine Art, which was held at the Chelsea Town Hall in London during February 2014. The event was popular, with between 2,000 - 3,000 works of art on show. My exhibit space featured Gold Leaf, only ever exhibited before at "Transcendence" my debut exhibit at The Brick Lane Gallery, London. Also on show was Equalize; the only time this piece has previously been exhibited was at the Vienna Showcase 2013. Both pieces complemented each other and worked well in the space that I had available to exhibit and nicely showed two different styles of my work. I was excited to see and hear what visitors to the Chelsea Town Hall thought of these two carefully selected pieces, which had a lot of attention, particularly during the private viewing on the opening evening.


My Art Work Represented in "International Art Today 2014", Barehill's "State of Art Book" Vol 2 and "Hidden Treasure's Art Yearbook 2014".

I was excited to have been accepted for publication in the Internationale Kunst Heute 2014 book and delighted to see the final publication. My art work was heavily scrutinised for inclusion in this publication and I am really pleased that I was asked to participate. Each art work shown in the book has a professional review written about it by Dr I Gardill, an art historian and critic. This book was published in 2014, click here to view a copy of this book.

Also, Alexis' Art was then published in Barehill's State of Art Book Vol 2. The State of Art art books provide a snapshot that represents current contemporary art practice and present a selection of artists’ personal portfolios as well as provide details of their artistic practice and illustrate their ability to present ideas in a variety of media or alternative artistic techniques. I was so pleased that my work was accepted into the "Representational and Abstract Art" Vol 2 and I am extremely pleased with the result. Infact one of the works published in the book was promptly bought by a viewer of the book who got in touch with me directly after one month of the book having been published! To buy or read up about this book click here.

Last but not least, Camouflage and Beyond the Grid both feature in The Hidden Treasure's Art Magazine Yearbook 2014. Hidden Treasure Art say: "This Yearbook is the first part of a series of art books aiming to connect artists and the art world in a direct and effective way and featuring the latest trends in visual arts all over the world. The book features the latest trends in visual arts all over the world promoting artists work and connecting them with a vast audience of collectors, curators, exhibitors, art lovers and potential buyers and more than 600 galleries in the UK and 450 ones in Europe. Outstanding artists world wide, both established and emerging, originating from different arts, using different media will be included in our book". I am proud of how my art looks in this publication! Click here to see a copy of the book.


The Oxford International Art Fair 2014

The first ever Oxford International Art Fair was a real success over the weekend (7th Feb - 9th Feb 2014) and I was really pleased to have been selected to exhibit at such a popular event in such a beautiful and central venue, the Oxford Town Hall.

Art works Seclusion and Turquoise Spring attracted a lot of attention from the exhibits visitors. My works had a prominent position right in the middle of Oxford Town Hall; this was the debut showing of Turquoise Spring which was only completed the week prior to the art fair and is only the second piece of art I have created in 2014. Seclusion also attracted a lot of attention, only having been exhibited once before in 2013. The event attracted 4,000 visitors over the weekend and was so popular that visitors queued down the steps of the Town Hall to come in and see the various art on display.

Thank you to everyone who came to see my work, those who supported the event and a special thank you to those who gave up their Friday night to help me set up my exhibit. To see photos of the Oxford International Art Fair and my exhibited works, check out my facebook photo page.

You can also check out the art fair's Online Catalogue.


The "Vienna Showcase"

I was delighted to be a part of the Global Art Agencies (GAA) "International Exhibition of Contemporary Art" over the 25th and 26th October 2013. My work had been scrutinised for style, technique, concept, message and originality upon application and I was one of the 150 artists chosen to showcase their work at this event; the GAA recieved over 500 applications. The event was held in central Vienna at the Museum of Young Art (MOYA) housed in the Palais Schönborn; a beautiful venue for an art exhibition. The champagne reception was really enjoyable. It was busy with a lot of art enthusiasts and it was a pleasure to discuss my work with visitors at this large international event. The exhibit continued on during Saturday and ended that evening. My work had primary listing in the event catalogue and showcased three of the most talked about works there: Equalize, Feel the Beat and Beyond the Grid.

See the Vienna Showcase Catalogue where my work was specially featured.


My Art has been Published in "The State of the Art - Artists Book"

I am very pleased that three pieces of my work have been published in the 2013 "State of the Art - Artist's Book"! All work chosen to be published in the book was reviewed by a qualified team of jurors to ensure quality. Igneous Intrusion, 766.6 MPH and Arabian Night all feature on page 17 of the book. I am excited to be represented in the book and that my art work is now in print. The book will be distributed worldwide to galleries, art libraries, bookshops, museums and will be available on Amazon. The book was sucessfully launched at the 2nd International Art exhibition of Montemor-o-Velho 2013 in Lisbon during November. For an online view of the book, please click here


The Oxford Art Fair 2013

In only it's second year of running, The Oxford Art Fair held at The Fishes in Oxford attracted an estimated 3000 art enthusiasts over the weekend and the weather was actually ok!


In the acre of garden and trees, 50 exhibitors including myself displayed selected pieces of artwork; all of different styles and media. The event created a relaxed atmosphere for visitors to come and meet local artists and discuss the art work in person; I am pleased to say that there was a lot of interest in my art work and the pieces stimulated a lot of intersting discussions with visitors.

You can view the works that I exhibited at the Oxford Art Fair here. Or, check out my facebook album.


London Art Exhibition

"Transcendence", my debut art exhibition was a fantastic experience, from start to finish! I had been a little apprehensive about showing my work, previously kept privately, to the public. However, from the opening evening on March 19th, 2013 until closing on March 25th the gallery was busy with visitors reviewing my work and keen to provide their thoughts on the impression that my art work had left them with and I am pleased to say it was a success!

My colourful acrylic abstract work and soft pastels of animals (known as "Transcendence") took over the light, spacious walls of The Brick Lane Gallery Annexe. However, apart from the pastels and acrylic work, another art project of mine was papier mâché flowers! I wanted to include these colourful and unusual flowers in tall vases at the exhibit in order to break up the flat walls of the exhibition space. The idea of these colourful flowers intrigued many visitors at the exhibit; a piece of art work for those who enjoy 3-dimensional work and sculpture!

After my first taste of an exhibition and a solo exhibition at that; I will continue to create my art work as and when I am inspired, trying out new techniques and ideas and building on the experiences of "Transcendence", I hope to hold another exhibition in the future - watch this space!

If you would like to find out more about a particular piece of art work you saw at the exhibit or have seen online; please contact me via my Contact page. Thanks again to all who were involved in "Transcendence" from start to finish, to those who visited the exhibition in London and to those who supported "Transcendence" online too!


Local Press

News of my first exhibition "Transcendence" hit the local paper on the 25th January; notifying local residents that art created locally will be shown at the prestigious Brick Lane Gallery in London. The article detailed the different art work that will be on show. Many thanks to the Thame Gazette and The Bucks Herald for their support!


Special Recognition in The Light Space & Time "Abstracts" Competition, April 2013

My art work Beyond The Grid recieved a "Special Recognition" in the Light Space & Time Galleries "Abstracts" Juried Art Competition. The competition called for entries of abstract, non-representational 2D art in any media. This was a popular competition with 970 pieces of artwork entered from 26 different countries. Whilst not placed (maybe next time!) I am delighted that my artwork was recognised, to quote the Galleries website, for being an "outstanding piece of art". Light Space & Time also said that "the artists who had been awarded Special Recognition could have easily been included in the upper tier of our winners, as their art was exceptional". I am very pleased!


Special Recognition in The Light Space & Time "Animals" Competition, September 2013

I am delighted that Jambo Tembo was selected from 581 entries to be specially recognised as an outstanding piece of artwork in the Light Space and Time Galleries annual 'Animals' competition, September 2013.


Special Recognition in The Light Space & Time "Open" Competition, October 2013

I am delighted that the 3 piece artwork, Muddy Shoes, was selected from 673 global entries and was specially recognised as an outstanding piece of artwork in the Light Space and Time Galleries annual "Open" competition, October 2013.

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